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Contract G Swiss is a Global Contract’s young company (turnkey and fit-out) based in Lugano. Its reputation and notoriety have grown quickly by realizing exclusive projects like hotel, luxurious residence, public and private places for entertainment, wellness spa and resort, with internationally renowned architects and professionals.

Among the realizations, there are the London Hilton Casino, Armani Boutiques, the development of The Chedi Hotel and The Chedi Residence at Andermatt, Switzerland.

Some projects were decisive to consolidate the activities of the company in the specific sector of Luxury living, providing amazing service, like the collaboration between Contract G Swiss and ASA (Andermatt Swiss Alps) and the missions of contract and fit out for the conclusion of the CHEDI HOTEL and the first series of buildings for THE CHEDI RESIDENCE.

In December 2017, there were also a project for a restaurant and a jewellery inside the hotel complex.

The roots of the success are the hand-crafted and Italian quality of a strong network of very well selected industrial and craftsman partners and an internal organization system which is articulated and structured to follow a technical and productive process until the end of the project.

That’s how Ambrogio Cichello, CEO of Contract G Swiss, describes the business philosophy:
“Our mission is to distinguish ourselves with clients and designers with high quality realization and organization in the sector of interior design for luxury hotel and residence. In Andermatt, we used the great knowledge we gained for many years of experience working for important contract group of Northern Italy.

Today, Contract G Swiss is an industrial reality which is distinctive and flexible, that put together the famous Italian creativity and the Swiss logistic rigour.

In 2017, we opened new offices in Rivera-Bironico which are few kilometres away from Lugano. We also planned and programmed the opening of an innovative exhibiting showroom of 600 m2 inside the headquarter.

In fact, our idea is to bring, in 2018, a lot of energy on the project front and to bravely invest in the development of novelties in order to create to ourselves new architectural scenarios, new living lifestyles, to offer new technologies, to associate industrial and craft companies in a common project of research and development to create unique products and spaces.
We have started following that new strategic path having faith in Maurizio Favetta and Kingsize architects’ creativity and experience. We will also have soon the opening of the showroom and the launching of a new brand (THE PERFECT PROJECT) in collaboration with some Italian leader company in the sector of materials for interior architecture.

Contract G Swiss,


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Wo Moderne auf Tradition trifft, ist Lösungsvielfalt gefragt.Bild: Mitsubishi Electric LES


Die Parklio-Parkbügel sind Teil einer Parkraumbewirtschaftung – und daher besonders gut für die Verwaltung von Hotelparkplätzen geeignet. Foto: Blömen VuS


Foto: Global Revenue Forum Luzern. Quelle: SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern.


Im Bistro Ingold im Maritim in Ingolstadt wird bayerische Gemütlichkeit in ein zeitgemäßes Raumflair verwandelt. So ist das Karo-Muster des Teppichs ein eigens entwickeltes Unikat – und die Zirbenholz-Oberflächen gehen mit den metallisch schimmernden Leuchten ein harmonisches Zusammenspiel ein. Foto: vision photos


Das Clipper Boardinghpuse Hamburg-Michel befindet sich mitten im Portugiesenviertel zwischen Alster und Elbe. Foto: Geberit


Im Lindner me and all Hotel Kiel sorgt ein HVRF-Wärmepumpensystem für zukunftssicheres Heizen und Klimatisieren. Bildnachweis: Mitsubishi Electric


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